Sarah Simmons Bodywork

nurture your being

Antelope Canyon

The gift of your own presence 

tune in         heal          rest

Discover the wonderful possibilities available through virtual bodywork. A time to cultivate inner awareness, promote healing and find calm. Give yourself the gift of your own attention. 


Here is how it works: We will connect through a video platform of your choosing; take a few minutes to touch base; and then you will settle into a comfortable position either laying down or sitting. Together we shift our attention to the present moment and the sensations in your body. As your inner awareness deepens, we share the lead and follow in a gentle exploration. You: letting me know what you notice. Me: offering suggestions or invitations of ways you can interact with what you feel.  We use curiosity, imagery, gentle movement, lots of listening and occasionally your own touch. 


You will be amazed at the agility and compassion of your awareness. It can find and create ease in the unlikeliest of places. It can melt pain and jump-start your healing. You will come away with a different relationship to old injuries and chronic tension. You will have more room to breathe, and a touch more clarity.


Session Fee: $60-$80 

Duration: 1:15

"Sarah actively listens and brings a spirit of curiosity to the body... Even though it was an online session, I felt her being truly present with me.”

 E.W. Oakland, CA