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Sarah Simmons Bodywork

nurture your being

Working hands-on with clients is such a gratifying practice. Since 2020 I have changed and adjusted safety protocols to meet mandates and/or my own comfort level.


Currently I require that masks be worn for the entire duration of our time together in my office.

Please bring your own mask. 

A KN95 mask will be provided if you forget.


I keep 2 air filters running and can add fresh air circulation if requested. I encourge clients to please reschedule if you feel sick. I assure you I will do the same. I will notify you if I am aware of any covid exposure to myself, and ask that you respond in kind. It is financially impactful for me to get sick or make my clients sick - so please join me in erring on the side of caution. My Online Sessions continue to be available. I look forward to helping you feel connected and supported no matter what life brings our way.

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