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Sarah Simmons Bodywork

nurture your being

"Thank you for helping me dissolve my walls ...and for reacquainting me with myself again."   S.C. 


"It felt like a breath for my whole body."  H.S. 


"I have felt a deep sense of peace since my session.Thanks for helping me stay present."   T.A. 

"I'm a very private person.This feels like the only place where I don't have to hide."  A.B.

"I had a picture in my mind of what relaxation supposedly looked like, but this was actually experiencing what calm feels like."   L.S. 

"I feel like I am relearning the alphabet to my body's language"   B.Y.

"It's like my brain shuts off so my muscles can remember a time before the tension"   J.D.

"It's the easiest thing you can do to feel better"   G.C.

I look forward to supporting your well-being


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