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Touch for Pairs

New possibilities in the palm of your hand

Touch can be a wonderful opportunity to relate with loved ones in a whole new way. It provides the chance to let go of the habits you may have with one another and simply rest in connection. A chance to settle into a heartfelt experience together.

I will be your guide as you support one another with gentle affirming touch. Rather than learning a massage technique or trying to fix specific injuries we will explore the transformative simplicity in doing less and noticing more. Deepening your capacity for awareness is our goal. Your curiosity and care for each other is all you need to get started.

Here is how it works: We will connect through a video platform of your choosing. We will spend the first 10-15 mins checking in and doing a few “noticing” experiments and explorations. Then we will do ≈15 mins. of hands-on partner work. One of you offering touch, and the other receiving. I will guide and follow the process; giving suggestions on how to make contact and bring gentle awareness to what each of you feel.  Then you will trade places and do a similar ≈15 min. exchange with my guidance. We will wrap-up with reflection and sharing about the experience.

You will be delighted with the effects of this simple contact.  You will discover more ease in your body, more openness in your heart and a sense of new dimension in your relationship.

I am currently working with couples and am eager to explore this possibility with other pairs (family, friends, etc.)  If you have a relationship that could be supported by something new that enhances your connection, I would love to lend my expertise. 


Session Fee: $75 per pair ($200 for a series of 3)              Session Duration 1:15

“Our relationship gets better between our meetings with you.”


“Our sessions with you have moved our connection in a positive and upward direction, more so than it's been in a long time.”


Couple, Davis, CA

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